Xiamen Stone Fair 2009
Booth#: 017-A
March 06-09, 2009
Xiamen China

Welcome to BESROCK

BESROCK since its formation in 1997 has remained active in exploration and development of mineral resources in Baluchistan province in Pakistan. BESROCK succeeded in establishing economic viability of the low grade iron ore in Dilband area near Quetta by mid year 1999.

BESROCK has mining lease in its name valid upto year 2024 for an area of 3298 acres valid and containing an estimated 70 million tons of iron ore of low grade type i.e. about 40% iron ore content. BESROCK has operational mine  and an iron ore crushing plant for producing iron ore fine of capacity of 400,000 tons per annum.

Currently BESROCK is producing limestone blocks in the Khushab District of Punjab Province Pakistan and has a production capacity to meet demand of larger quantities for construction projects. BESROCK has a mining lease over an area of 196 acres having huge reserves of quality limestone. BESROCK uses heavy machinery and drilling and splitting technique for extracting blocks of limestone.

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